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The UK Folk Music website was established in 2011 to promote and support the fabulous folk music from our shores. Our intent has always been to spotlight some of the amazing home grown talent from the UK.

UK Folk MusicFolk Music Venues

The UK Folk Music website has always supported and promoted Folk Clubs.

An essential part of the folk scene in the U.K, folk clubs and sessions continue to provide entertainment and give performers a vital opportunity to hone their skills in front of an audience.
In our Folk Club index, we have over two hundred folk clubs listed and we are always happy to add more when we find out about them.

Please support your local folk club and get in touch if you can suggest a club for our Folk Club Index.


Folk music instrumentsFolk Music Instruments

The UK Folk Music shop has a huge selection of traditional folk music instruments at great prices.

We feature a full range of string instruments from the usual acoustic guitars, ukuleles and banjos through to the more exotic ouds.

Of course we can’t forget the free reed family instruments, accordions, melodeons, concertina and harmonicas.

And for the percussion enthusiasts out there, we have an amazing selection of bodhrans, cajons and washboards – even some Morris Bells….


UK Folk Music - Morris DancersMorris Sides

We always believe thatĀ  Morris Dancing in all its forms should be included with information about folk music. The two forms of traditional pastimes go hand in hand.
Morris Dancing Index

We have complied a huge guide to Morris Sides in the UK. You can locate Morris Dancers by using the A to Z however we also list them in our County Index. Either way you can usually find a Morris Side in your area.
We have six hundred and twenty Morris Sides listed.