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UK Folk Music

Welcome to the online folk musical instruments store. Please have a look around and check out the carefully selected range of folk music instrument and accessories and read the CD reviews.

In addition to the great choice of folk music instruments, we  also include videos which relate to products featured in the store. We include excellent promotions and documentaries by instrument manufacturers and helpful reviews which we find on YouTube. There is always loads to check out.

As you would expect, the UK Folk Music online store also include hundreds of accessories which are always needed by musicians. Everything from bags and cases to tuners and music stands.

We are always on the look out for new and exciting items which we can include in the shop, so please keep visiting.

Folk Music Instruments and accessories

folk music

The website was launched in 2011 as a magazine and cover information about folk music events, folk clubs and folk festivals. We had regular album reviews by folk music journalist, Pete Fyfe and we are delighted to say that we have retained them on the new look website.

Folk Music CD Reviews

We have a huge number of reviews on the website, so to make things easier we have included a ‘Search Box’ which is a simple to use drop-down list of all the artist who have been covered.

In addition to the reviews, we always like to include a link which will allow you to purchase the CD or download mp3s. We also like to give you an idea what the artists sound like, so we have embedded a YouTube video on the review pages too, this might be a unique feature of UK Folk Music.

You can find us on FaceBook too, if you would like to have a chat or leave a message or suggestions for the website. We are always happy to hear from you and we will be pleased to add items or accept reviews for albums or gear for publication.

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